FLOURISH travelers recognize and value the leverage to their personal and professional well-being, growth and productivity which regular, intentionally planned time off, be it near or far away, provides.

Why (not) flourish?

There are proven benefits to partnering with an experienced and well-connected travel consultant

1. The Happiness Trigger 
Engaging in an ongoing cycle of planning, taking and reminiscing about travel triggers contentment. Working with a trusted advisor who knows your preferences, past travel pursuits and future aspirations can maximize the happiness experience.

2. Precious Time Saved and Banked
A partner who knows you well will ensure your precious leisure time during both travel planning and the trip away is well-paced, fully utilized and worry-free. Even with all the rich information available on the internet, relying upon an expert to validate, sort options and contribute industry-grounded decision-making expertise is of intangible added value.

3. De-Stress and Improve your Health
The physical and mental ‘reset’ benefits of removing yourself from work and home settings in favor of yet-to- be-experienced ‘third places’ are well-documented. We make sure you factor in the right mix of time novel excursions, direct contact with natural habitats, increased sleep and physical activity to amplify your well-being and strengthen anti-stress & immunity functioning.

4. Expertise, Breadth and Exclusive Perks
As an affiliate of SMARTFLYER and through its Virtuoso consortium membership, our network and deep relationships with top hotels and tour operators globally offer entrée to the best available and most up-to- the-minute places and experiences, complimentary VIP amenities & upgrades, real cost-savings and exclusive value-added trip-enhancing perks.

5. Enhanced Creativity 
There are proven mind-revitalization effects from exposing one’s senses to new and foreign environments. Increased cognitive flexibility, deepened conceptual thought integration and broader trust in self and others all derive from well-crafted travel experiences. The enhanced creativity, renewed energy and  positivity engendered is contagious, and acts as a motivational impetus to our lives and our workplaces on return from being away.