Travel Resources

Government agencies

Passport renewal - You can renew your passport by mail. The U.S. Department of State has the detail.

Travel abroad information - When traveling to a foreign country, the U.S. Department of State has information on entry and exit laws for every country in the world. 

Travel Insurance companies

Allianz Global Assistance

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

AIG Travel Guard

John Hancock Travel

Nationwide Travel 


Travel Magazines

Travel and Leisure - Founded in 1937, the magazine is published 12 times a year. The focus is leisure travel, and the website publishes original content.

AFAR - A newer publication that features experiential travel. It looks for ways to connect people with the local population when they travel.

Budget Travel - This is for the budget-conscious traveler. It helps travelers see more and spend less.

Wanderlust Travel Magazine - A British publication that covers adventure and cultural travel. It's published 10 times a year. 

Destination - A digital publication, Destination seeks to inspire people to travel. Articles are divided into the country of travel.

Backpacker - The publication centers around backpacking travel. It offers advice on gear and places to travel.

Airline Ratings Service

Airline Ratings - A website that reviews airline services and products. It delivers safety ratings on 435 airlines around the world. 

Travel Loans

Lending Tree - The company offers travel loans up to $35,000.

UpLift - A company that specializes in travel loans. The loans are between $500 and $15,000.

Official Travel Websites

Australia - The official travel website of Australia.

Morocco - The official travel website of Morocco. 

Thailand - The official travel website of Thailand.

Costa Rica - The official travel website of Costa Rica.

Portugal - The official travel website of Portugal. 

Indonesia - The official travel website of Indonesia. 

Travel Blogs

The Virtuoso Life - The official travel blog of Virtuoso. It offers tips on traveling and unique places to visit.

Lines of Escape - Kasha Dubaniewicz publishes this travel blog. She lives on London and documents her journeys. The blog offers a unique prospective and interesting places to visit. 

Travel Yourself - Cailin O’Neil started blogging about travel in 2009. She gives people inspiration and places to travel.