Because journeys away unlock doors to our deepest and best selves.

Flourish Travel is a boutique consultancy serving leisure and corporate clients who prize their time away from the everyday and seek to maximize a sense of escape and renewal in their travel pursuits.  

Go explore and thrive. 

We believe that travel for its own sake is key to flourishing in life; to truly thriving.

We specialize in helping clients prioritize and purposefully plan travel that enables them to flourish. The kind of travel that immerses senses and soul in new and different environments. That fully detaches one from home, work, routine and responsibilities. That maximizes opportunity to relax and be ‘in the moment’. That affords transformative benefits to well-being, creativity and productivity to be found by no other means.

We provide structure, incentive, expertise and real value as a trusted, long-term planning partner for all types of travel needs and dreams. Whether it’s a family-tradition vacation, a short break, a celebratory milestone, an annual retreat, a bucket-list adventure, or a group cultural exploration, Flourish Travel delivers exceptional experiences and service through individualized arrangements guaranteed to infuse you with wonder, awe and gratitude.

Leisure & Adventure

Creating space and time for unforgettable memories, transcending limits, discovering untouched places in your world and inside yourself


Weaving elements of physical, mental and social-well-being into the travel experience, or fully centering a trip around wellness toward recharged energy and new habits of healthy living

Retreats & Celebrations

Departing from usual settings to summon openness and new insights; pushing boundaries of your comfort zone; honoring accomplishments and milestones